A Sampling Of My Designs

A sampling of products currently being produced utilizing my system design:

  • Amoco Chemicals – 2400 GPM Process Water Treatment
  • Avonmore Cheese – 200 GPM Plant Process Water Treatment
  • Bosch – Engine Lead Frame Sensor Automatic Assembly and Test
  • Caterpillar – Large Engine Block Industrial Heat Treating
  • Chevron Texaco – Gasoline Refinery Process Water Treatment
  • Chrysler – 2.0 Liter Engine Cam Sensor – Automatic Assembly and Test
  • Consorcio Columbiano Industrial – 3400 GPM Water Treatment for a 50 MW Combined Recycle Fossil Fuel Power Plant
  • Crown, Cork, and Seal – 600 GPM Water Treatment for Can Manufacturing
  • Del Monte – Cream Style Corn – Batching, Filling, Seaming, and Sterilization
  • Del Monte – Root Crop Processing, Syrup Batching, Filling, Seaming, and Sterilization
  • Del Monte – Plant Wide Power Distribution for Food Production
  • Del Monte – Private Label Soup – Building and Equipment Layout, Can Handling, Filling, Seaming, Sterilization and Infrastructure systems
  • Eclipse Combustion – Pulse Fired Natural Gas Furnace Automation
  • Encina WWTP – Methane Gas Blending System
  • General Motors – 600 GPM Water Treatment for Electrostatic Painting
  • Honeywell – Commercial Thermostat Assembly and Test
  • Honeywell – Aqueous Cleaner Process Controls Upgrade
  • Kraft Handi-Snacks Pudding – Batching, Sterilization, Filling, Packaging, and CIP
  • Kraft Claussen – System Batching
  • Kraft Corporate – MES/OEE Data System Design for Six Sigma Operations
  • Kraft Dessert Division – Steam Generator Installation
  • Merck – 1200 GPM Pharmaceutical Process Water Treatment
  • Mid America Dairymen – Mozzarella Cheese Rehydration and Packaging
  • Monroe WWTP – Dissolved Oxygen Influent Control
  • Siemens – Transmission Sensor Automatic Assembly and Test




Charles Patrick Fuller’s Weblog

Charles Patrick Fuller’s Weblog

Hello everyone! I had a lot of fun developing this blog! A great big special thanks to all of you who made suggestions and participated!

Charles Fuller